Aria Music Server

Lettore digitale, telaio in alluminio Hi-End, fanless, disco a stato solido 30GB mSATA per OS e App, DVD-R TEAC professionale per ripping, alimentatore schermato EMI, compatibilità opzionale DAC 32@384 e DSD64/128.
Uscite USB, SPDIF, I²S, RCA coassiale, BNC, AES/EBU.
Software: Automatic Ripper con correzione d’errore e verifica AccurateRip, accesso internet a database premium Rovi, GD3 e SonataDB, database gratuiti Freedb e Musicbrainz, metadati estesi per supportare tutti i generi musicali, supporto multizona compatible con DLNA e AirPlay, Bit Perfect, fino a 32 bit – 352.8 kHz (richiede DAC compatibile), compatibilità DSD 64 e
128, streaming su iPad™ (MP3 e FLAC). Dim. 43 x 6,5 x 36cm, peso 8kg.
DAC: Scheda DAC opzionale 32 bit @ 384 kHz e DSD 64 / 128.
LPSU: Alimentatore opzionale sostitutivo con trasformatore toroidale


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Technical Specifications:

  • Very slim aluminum fanless case
  • Industrial grade TEAC 5¼“ tray-loading DVD-R drive for ripping
  • Custom ultra-low-power industrial grade motherboard
  • Hi-end USB to SPDIF converter board with asynchronous operation up to 24-192 allows for Kernel Streaming, Direct Sound and WASAPI
  • Outputs: Coax RCA, AES/EBU
  • Optional linear power supply
  • Optional DAC 32/384K with asynchronous USB 2.0 and DSD Support

2.1 Ripping

  • Fully automatic CD Ripper (insert & rip)
  • Error correction and AccurateRip audio check
  • Internet access to premium databases: Discogs, GD3, SonataDB (Classical), Freedb and Musicbrainz
  • PerfectMeta software picks and merges metadata results from each database to bring you the best metadata results in the industry
  • Extended metadata fields support (up to 18) for all music genres: Composer, Period, Instrument, etc., a unique feature, and still a market first available for ANY genre with manual tagging

2.2 PLAY

  • Gapless playback
  • Crossfade in playback
  • Play files from memory
  • Multizone streaming using UPnP/DLNA compatible renderers
  • Play from external NAS
  • Play to tablet and any other compatible device
  • Automatic output sampling frequency switching
  • Multi Channel support via USB


  • Support for uncompressed (WAV, AIFF) and lossless formats (FLAC, ALAC)
  • DXD (32bit/352.8KHz) files Support
  • DSD, DSD x 2 and DSD x 4 files support
  • Bit Perfect support (ASIO, WASAPI and Kernel streaming)